Commission Policies

these policies were last updated on 6/21/2023

Terms of Service

i may decline service for any reason

end product may be used for any non-commercial purpose, with no credit needed (but it would be appreciated). examples include, but are not limited to:

end product may not be used for commercial purposes. examples include:

i will not do commissions of these things:

unless otherwise requested, i reserve the right to use final commission pieces as a showcase of my work

these terms of service may change at any point. i will make an effort to inform current and previous customers if this happens


payment is according to's flexible policy. in other words:

Before Start: Clients are never charged until a creator is ready to begin work. If either party needs to cancel before work begins, it's no problem!

During Project: If the client needs to cancel after work has begun, but before final assets are submitted, they will be charged a 25% cancellation fee by default.

Final Assets Submitted: If the client needs to cancel after the creator has submitted final assets, they will be charged a 50% cancellation fee by default. After the project's final assets have been approved, refunds will only be issued in special circumstances

payment happens up-front, via Stripe (that's how does it), and price may change based on complexity, demand, and the features of the commission itself. more specifically, when i am ready to do the commission, you will be charged then.

if more than three revisions are requested in the rendering phase (i.e. when the color/shape of the final product is determined,) there may be additional fees

you can also pay whatever you want above the base value of the commission. say the commission costs $15 plus $5 for complex features, but you paid $40, you will not be charged more than $40 unless the commission value goes over $40; this will also cover revision fees