Vector Icon Commissions

a banner labeled 'Vector Icons', with many examples of said vector icons on display

icons done in a vector style, allowing them to scale to any size - perfect for emojis, icons, and stickers. generally character faces, but can be any subject.


icons may be lineless or lined. generally, lineless icons will have a bold, black outline for readability, but this can be ommitted; inner details are still lineless. Outlines may be "round" or "sharp".

vector icon of a ferret with lineless inner details and a rounded outline vector icon of a white cat with sharp black lines

(left: lineless/round, right: lined/sharp)

features' size, shape, and color may be adjusted for clarity in small formats (e.g. emojis), but adjustments may be requested.


the icon is done in two phases: a sketch phase, done in raster first for approval, then a rendering phase, done in vector

you will receive both the svg file for the vector and a 256x256 png. additional sizes may be requested


make sure to provide a head reference for your character (or a reference for a subject of your choosing). color and expression references are also helpful; even small sketches will work.

when you are ready to request a commission, the page can be found here.


click on the icons to preview the icon in multiple sizes