Minecraft Skins

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1.8-compatible minecraft skin textures, in either full-body or head form


i try to incorporate armor layers on skins that i make for small details. if you would like a specific part of your skin to be layered (e.g. having a removable jacket, mask), feel free to request it! though if your references include these features, i'll probably make them layered anyway.

all skins i make use the "steve" model unless otherwise requested.

skins can be either full bodies or just heads (for props and such). compatibility with custom models such as resource packs, Mine Little Pony, Custom Player Models, or More Player Models may be selective; feel free to ask, but pricing may change as a result!


i usually do skins in one or two phases. there may be a "sketch" phase to figure out what features to include if i'm uncertain; otherwise, i may jump straight into the skin.

you will receive a 64x64 (1.8-compatible) skin file and probably some 3d render shots of the final result. i do not do HD skins.

i will not do skins with a "base" that is not a standard player skin. for example, i can provide support for CPM dragon horns on a standard player skin, but i will not skin a fully custom-modeled dragon body. i will also not do the modeling for you - i will only provide textures


make sure to include any reference images you can. keep in mind the commission itself - if it's a full-body, then full-body/outfit references should be included. ideally, your references should also display the colors you would like used for the skin.

when you are ready to request a commission, the commiss.io page can be found here.


Head Torso Left Arm Right Arm Left Leg Right Leg

thanks to skinview3d for this skin viewer script!